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11th November 2020

Big Update of Musimatch, Musimotion and Musime

Dear customers,

Musimap has been working very hard during the last months to improve our cloud architecture and add more flexibility, security and monitoring capacity to our platform.

So, we are pleased to announce the new release of upgrades to our 3 products running on our new cloud architecture:

MusiMotion v1.4

  • features new deep learning AI models to improve the mood, rhythmic mood and situation detection
  • 5 new listening situations added
  • better key detection
  • improved aliases (4145 synonyms)
  • new export feature to get all your catalog metadata in a CSV file, on your S3 bucket (maximum 1 export per day)
  • new endpoints to get the hierarchical taxonomy of moods, genres etc.

MusiMatch v2.1

  • benefits from our improved key detection
  • offers a new feature to manage & search in multiple (sub-)catalogs

MusiMe v1.2

  • our mood detection improvement leads to more knowledge on your users for profiling / targeting
  • and therefore, a better identification by psycho-emotional profiles (MBTI, OCEAN, etc.)

For more flexibility, you can now manage multiple catalogs within a single account. Our concept of a catalog is simply a collection of tracks. However, a track could also belong to multiple catalogs without duplicating the ingestion or analysis processes.

Both MusiMatch and MusiMotion benefit from this new feature: restrict MusiMotion advanced search to one or more catalogs, or search across all catalogs (new feature free of charge) perform MusiMatch similarity search on multiple catalogs at once (as more computing resources are required, additional fees will apply for this new feature: 200€ per month and per additional catalog)

Our platform API has been updated accordingly to manage this new catalog feature but also enhanced to offer the following features: a better oAuth token management by implementing the refresh / revoke token behaviour an access to the lexicology hierarchy the capability to delete a track from a catalog, to implement takedown for example and new optimized ways to ingest tracks into the platform: using DDEX, without any metadata by extracting refs in filenames,...

Our web portal has also been revamped with a fresh new design and additional features: a full history of statistics more parameters for the search feature our brand-new catalog management feature

Lastly, our web site has been redesigned and now provides full access to all our technical documentation.

Release Dates:

MusiMotion v1.4: November 16th MusiMatch v2.1: November 16th New web site & documentation: November 16th MusiMe v1.2: November 30th

What to do:

To benefit from all these new features, you will have to switch to the new API, which means your credentials have to be updated. Our technical team will get in touch with you soon, to help you to migrate to our new platform. We are already taking care of moving transparently all your assets to the new architecture. In case you would like to benefit from the new (sub-)catalog features, please get in touch with us for details on managing these.

We are looking forward seeing you benefit from all these improvements. Best regards, Musimap team