Relive the panel on smart speakers at MIDEM

/ MIDEM, Cannes - June 05 2018 /

"Are smart speakers simply new gadgets" ? "No", said Ted Cohen, Managing Partner at TAG Strategic, right at the start of the panel that brought together Mirchandani Rishi, Director of Content Acquisition at Amazon, Benoit Rébus, Head of Hardware Partnerships at Qobuz, Darryl Ballantyne, CEO of LyricFind and Vincent Favrat, CEO of Musimap.

You weren't in the room at MIDEM on that first day ? Relive the panel with the YouTube video !

Here are some thoughts of our panelists on smart speakers :

Vincent Favrat on the future of smart speakers : "Right now, we adapt to the comprehension of the device. The goal is that the speaker adapts to us with AI in the future. I think it's going to change our life, we're only a step away from something more integrated."

Mirchandani Rishi, Director of Content Acquisition at Amazon: "We are the first streaming services in 35 countries right now. Amazon has been very focused on voice since we lauched our streaming services. We saw very early on that customers loved listening to music on Alexa and it was a great way to bring new customers to streaming services for the first time."

Vincent Favrat: "The question is how can you enrich the service, how can you make the machine intelligent ?" Benoit Rebus from Qobuz :"When it comes to music, when you look at something that's more nuanced than mainstream, the challenge is to be accurate with your data."

How to get the ideal use of smart speakers in the future according to Vincent Favrat ? "Genres and moods data are key, then you have to use psychographic profiling technology to understand the user, then connect the dots to deliver the right track at the right time."

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