Working at Musimap

We are a game-changing Human + Artificial Intelligence powered technology that leverages music to achieve personalized music/content recommendation for the upcoming Internet of Emotions era.

Thanks to a unique knowledge base of 1,6M manually annotated songs, we mapped the global catalogue as a neural music network (3B+ data points, 2B+ qualified relations, 40M songs, 100 weighted parameters per song on average) with ground-breaking psych-emotional profiling/matching capabilities.

We believe that emotional intelligence is the key to deliver a seamless content recommendation experience. By merging soft and hard science in our unique approach to tackle content discovery at scale, we aspire to unleash human cognition and thus enable each one of us to live an enriched life closer to our emotions.

Our quest is driven by a firm entrepreneurial spirit, a progressive interdisciplinary frame of mind, an eager pioneering tenacity, a genuine interest to facilitate accessibility and an enthusiastic desire to serve all individuals, the way it truly speaks to them!

If you can relate to our undertaking, vision, and values, we want you to join our team of zealous minds and together lead recommendation services in the Internet of Emotions era!

Back-End Developer (Java/Python)

  • Build and Maintain robust, secure and stable services integrated within a micro-services infrastructure
  • Ensure a correct coordination between every developed services
  • Optimize scripts for maximum speed and scalability
  • Implement unit tests to ensure non-regression and stability
  • Implement security and data protection