Musimap has engineered the world's
first comprehensive weighted music taxonomy


Thanks to a socio-psychological, musicological, and lexicological approach coupled with traditional signal analysis and text retrieval, Musimap’s technology is a unique hybrid between human expertise and automated algorithms, which decodes the DNA of music, understands the listeners’ contextual needs, and solves the complex problem of music discovery. Musimap has engineered the world’s first comprehensive weighted music taxonomy.

Its core added value lies in understanding one’s musical identity, personal tastes, mindsets, complex moods, emotions sensory inputs, and social contexts through a system of cross-influences; therefore, the technology is able to offer an unprecedented level of accuracy—and relevancy—in making personalized recommendations. Clients can use Musimap’s API interface to achieve new, enhanced user experiences to answer the end-consumers needs.

  • Streaming Services

    • Music
    • Video
    • Music Video
    • Movie Trailer
  • Telecommunication Companies

    • Specialized Press
    • Mobile Devices
    • Tablets
    • TV
    • Radios (Digital, Terrestrial)
  • Audiovisual Professionals

    • Music Supervisors
    • Program Planners
    • A&Rs
    • Synch Agents
    • Art Directors
    • Film & TV Directors and Producers
    • Videogame Developers
    • Journalists
  • Music Catalogue Owners

    • Labels
    • Publishers
    • Libraries
  • Music Promoters

    • Clubs
    • Festivals
  • Connected Hardware

    • Automotive
    • In-Flight Entertainment
    • Trains
    • Underground
    • Airport
    • Public Places
  • Connected Speakers

    • Private
    • Public
  • Gastronomical Outlets

    • Restaurants
    • Café & Bars
    • Hotels
    • Fashion showroom
    • Retails
  • Retailers

    • Shops
  • Advertisement

    • Media
    • Brands

Secondary Targets

Technology transfer to other creative industries such as film, videogames, publishing, TV, radio and multimedia.

Musimap’s USPs are

  • A forward-thinking team with insights and vision as to where content consumption is headed
  • Internet-of-Things compliance with:
    • nano-engineered materials or sensors that detect/
      capture/recognize the context/behavior/location/
      social setting
    • cloud computing and storage solutions
      (device-independent applications)
    • artificial intelligence or cognitive computing systems
    • context recognition technologies to detect movements, behaviors, emotions, moods, state-of-minds, and state of health beyond speech, sound, text, image, etc. recognition

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Using Musimap’s technology, our clients can

  • enhance their existing tools or create new applications
  • close a technological gap
  • gain a crucial competitive edge
  • access more accurate contextual personal data (emotional state, mindset, state-of-health, geographical & social context) to recommend content other than music under customers’ approval (trusted smart digital assistant)
  • be increasingly effective and proactive in personalized music recommendation in real time
  • reinforce customer loyalty, enlarge their customer base, and increase sales

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