RTBF Culture

/ November 19 2017 /

RTBF Culture wrote about Musimap after appearing at IMPACT (International Meeting in Performing Arts and Creative Technologies) for its conference on Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence in the Internet of Emotions.

'The creators of Musimap started from a simple observation: there is no digital music platform that responds to an emotional logic. Indeed, traditional streamers push those songs that are the most listened to. It is therefore a commercial logic that dictates the musical domain. The problem raised by Musimap is that the human does not react statistically (90% of our decisions are based on emotions), which is why music algorithms in this case reveal frustrating when it comes to music suggestions.

[...] The Belgian start-up wants to place emotions at the heart of recommendations through a very elaborate multilayered-system in collaboration with experts who determine the DNA of songs by analyzing them from a musicological, socio-psychological, emotional perspective.'

More information: http://bit.ly/2BeuJ4q



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