PRESS RELEASE : Musimap raises 1M€ and transitions to scale-up !

/ Brussels, Belgium - June 19 2018 /

Musimap has successfully raised 1M€ from both current and new investors, namely the Scale-up Fund Scale I powered by Be Angels and the specialized VC fund Wallimage Entreprises, in a round closed this June 15. With this new funding, Musimap plans to accelerate its growth, expand in the US and reinforce the team with solid expertise regarding management, business development and engineering. Musimap will offer 3 market-ready products under the supervision of the new VP of Products and Partnerships, Philippe Decottignies (ex-CTO of 7Digital). The company has already entered the phase of production with several of its clients and is ready to take the lead in Emotion-AI powered personalized dynamic recommendation for the music industry and beyond.

« Musimap doubles-down on early success, delivers great operational, innovative and disruptive products to the market, accelerates growth and profitably based on a mix of strategic super angels and specialized VC’s ! » Vincent Favrat, CEO

More information: /pdf/20180619_Musimapraises1M



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