Musimap's technology serves as a matrix enabling our clients to create all kinds
of advanced music applications to address their customers' needs in any given context


As the first fully-digitized creative industry, the music industry is Musimap’s current main area of focus. Target sectors for Musimap’s technology within this industry include music streaming services, telecommunication companies, audiovisual professionals, music catalogue owners, music promoters, connected hardware, connected speakers, gastronomical outlets, retailers, and advertising.

If we take music streaming as an example, we see that—despite the sector’s growth—it is still not profitable. Furthermore, 95% of all music catalogues remain nearly unheard and—therefore—untapped.

What are the key challenges for the end user that are limiting the growth potential of music streaming services?

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Musimap’s technology can help optimize our clients’ sales (increasing ARPU), stimulate growth in their sector (enlarging their customer base), and ultimately contribute to the increase of music consumption (e.g. making the streaming model profitable).

As a result of its interdisciplinary and contextual approach, Musimap brings soft criteria back into its recommendation algorithm. By structuring the big data of music into a navigable interconnected system, Musimap is able to focus on emotions as the key factor in music recommendation and consumption.

If no one-size-fits-all solution applies to music recommendation and consumption (because of the diversity of types, segments, and profiles), how can companies improve the experiences of their users and impact their level of engagement?

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Musimap’s technology—a set of four interrelated APIs—allows unprecedented relevance in music recommendation and serves as a matrix enabling our clients to create all kinds of advanced music applications to address their customers’ needs in any given context.

Here are a few of the countless features
that we can provide

  • Personal digital music assistant for end users
  • Applications tailored to interact with sensors and complement various context, mental, or health digital assistant platforms.
  • Affective and cognitive intelligence serving any future cognitive computing systems or artificial intelligence
  • A music search engine for audiovisual professionals (film & TV, commercials/ advertising, videogames, etc.)
  • Music matching and recommendation features
  • Music search and NLP (a search feature based on natural language processing)
  • Personalized digital music radio

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Musimap's B2B Music Search Engine
for Audiovisual Professionals

The world's first emotion-sensitive B2B Music Search Engine for audiovisual professionals is now entering its Beta Test phase:

By scanning 50M+ tracks and 2B+ music data points, Musimap's technology allows advanced music search by, amongst others, natural language, complex mood, similarity, context, keyword, tempo and instrumentation to overcome the challenges of music supervisors, film or video game producers and directors, cutters, synch agents, communication agencies, etc.