Philippe Decottignies


Formerly serving as 7digital’s CTO for 2 years and as Snowite's CTO for 5 years before its acquisition by 7digital, Philippe Decottignies divides his time between defining Musimap AI products and securing strategic Musimap partners. Since beginning his career in telecoms research and development for Hewlett Packard, Philippe has held senior technology roles within various companies. Philippe has been involved in the digital music industry since 2002, starting with his role as CEO for start-up AGILEA which delivered digital music services with IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology for Snowite. In addition, he has served as CEO for SAMBER VALLEY, a start-up focused on stream computing for big data. His expertise ranges across the VoIP (voice over IP), identity management and network equipment sectors. Philippe is now focused on data science and AI towards entrepreneurship, which makes him a perfect fit for Musimap.

  • VP of Products and Strategic Partnerships at Musimap
  • CTO at 7Digital
  • CTO at Snowite
  • CEO for Samber Valley
  • CEO for AGILEA
  • Senior positions in telecoms R&D at HP and more