Raphaël Joie


Raphaël Joie has been attracted by coding from a very young age. At 9 years old, he wrote his first programs in logo. Later in life, his training at the Louvain School of Engineering and the Louvain School of Management (University of Louvain) gave him the passion of a well-done program dedicated to business. He put his abilities at the service of small businesses looking for the right digital strategy. He's now joined Musimap to help the dev teams building the best apps and algorithms to run Musimap's knowledge.

Raphaël also created two digital startups, Binnovart and Wipmusic, for which he’s written the code and is maintaining all the apps’ infrastructure. Binnovart is an online art gallery and Wipmusic’s goal (RIP) is to connect local musicians and music amateurs.

  • 7+ years of experience in development and entrepreneurship
  • Over 15 languages and 6 frameworks used in apps and libraries
  • Co-founder, CTO & strategical manager of Binnovart
  • Co-founder & CTO of Wipmusic
  • Consultant and Advisor for blockchain technology and entrepreneurship