Thierry Ascarez


Thierry Ascarez has been based in San Francisco since 2012, where he created the US subsidiary for Radionomy and led the business development for the group including Targetspot. Thierry has managed teams both in the US and in Europe.

About his new mission as CEO of Musimap :

" The potential of what Musimap has developed is huge and it will have a big impact on the music industry and beyond. I’m thrilled to join the company to help it scale and become a global leader in AI-based music recommendation with innovative products. I look forward to working with this great team and leading Musimap through its next exciting phase." Thierry Ascarez

  • CEO of Musimap
  • Chief Business Development Officer at Radionomy/Targetspot
  • Created the US subsidiary for Radionomy
  • Chief Marketing/Communications officer at Radionomy - MusicMatic - Jamendo
  • Manager at Emi music