The challenge our clients face is to find the optimal technology
that addresses the very essence of individual needs


In a soon-to-be fully-digitized world, end users will be confronted with a vast ocean of choices for all types of needs: music, movies, videogames, books, shopping, leisure, employment opportunities, fitness, sports, relationships, etc. The challenge of today’s companies is to evolve to meet the demands of the consumers of tomorrow, supplying them with a personalized digital assistant that can guide them to the best options according their emotions, mindsets, contexts, behaviors, and tastes. In other words, the challenge our clients face is to find the optimal technology that addresses the very essence of individual needs.


Belgian sociologist and musicologist Pierre Lebecque reached this conclusion already in 1991 —the very year of the invention of the World Wide Web—in his houseboat near Brussels, through his PhD thesis on musical morphing and the consumption of cultural products entitled “The World Is A Mix,” a synthesis of an impressive interactive music taxonomy model he had been building since 1986.

Musimap began as a selfless project born from the necessity to translate the results of such a thesis into a computational model. This challenge was taken up by an interdisciplinary team of European researchers in IT, musicology, sociology, psychology, and linguistics under the supervision of Pierre Lebecque. Musimap considers music to be an evolutionary morphing in which each musician lives in a network of relationships.

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At the end of 2014 new strategic partners boarded Musimap, helping to reposition the company to focus on its core expertise—its technology. These partners spearheaded a funding round to raise the additional capital necessary to finalize Musimap’s APIs as well as to redirect the company’s approach from B2C to B2B and B2B2C. As of today, “Musimap SA” is a music intelligence platform providing disruptive technology to fit the strategies of its clients with regard to personalized recommendation. This technology is scalable and its vision applicable to other creative industries as well as other sectors entirely.

After twenty years of research and development involving sixty musicologists, other experts, and programmers and over 2.2M euro of investment, Musimap's technology is now complete.

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In a fully digitized world, end users will be in need of powerful self-learning personal cognitive digital assistants touching every aspect of daily life (e.g. entertainment, leisure, household, transportation, travel, shopping, cooking).

In the Internet of Things era these assistants would continuously interact with contextual big data and sensors to detect, capture and recognize any relevant data in real-time.

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